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Our University Attending the Chinese and Russian "Future Talents" Conference

On the afternoon of September 11, the Russian Guest of Honor Week of the 18th China International Talent Exchange Conference was held in Fengdong, Xixian New Area. The conference connects Beijing and Moscow and takes the form of a combination of offline home and online live broadcast. A total of 24 universities from China and Russia attended the conference. Wang Wenhua, deputy director of the International Exchange and Cooperation Office of our university attended the meeting on behalf of our university.

24 universities from China and Russia introduced and recommended their universities in turn. Deputy Director Wang Wenhua, introduced our university from the aspects of history, faculty, disciplines, international cooperation, international education etc. and expressed sincere wish for cooperation in the development of scientific and technological innovation and international talents. 

This meeting is the closing meeting of the Russian Guest of Honor Week of the 18th China International Talent Exchange Conference. It aims to accelerate the progress of the Sino-Russian collaborative innovation and development of science and technology education, and promote the exchanges between universities and research institutes of the two sides, and create a new model of "integrated development of science and education".