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National Research Base
National Engineering Lab for Prospecting & Exploration of low-Permeability Oil-Gas Field
Zhang Ning-Sheng
Provincial Research Bases
Provincial Key Lab of Development of Technology on Oil-Gas Production Increase
Chen Jun-bin
Provincial Key Lab of Photoelectric Sensor Well Logging
Zhang Jia-Tian
Provincial Research Center of Business Management of Oil-Gas Resources
Zhao Xuan-Min
Provincial Key Lab of Borer Control Technology
Zhang Qi-Zhi
Provincial Key Lab of Oil-Gas Field Pollution Control Technology & Reservoir Protection
Zhang Ning-Sheng
Provincial Key Lab of Hydrocarbon Accumulation Geology
Zhao Qing-Zhou
Provincial Engineering Technology Research Center of Oil-Gas Auger Mining & Pollution Control
Zhang Ning-Sheng
Provincial Engineering Technology Research Center of Steel Pipe Welding
Shi Kai
Provincial Engineering Technology Research Center of Oil Field Drilling & Production Equipment
Peng Yong
Provincial Engineering Technology Research Center of Oil-Gas Resource Detection with Optical Fiber
Qiao Xue-Guang、
Jia Zhen-An
State Education Commission Key Lab of Photoelectric Sensor Oil-Gas Prospecting & Measuring
Zhang Jia-Tian
CNPC Research Bases
CNPC Key Lab of Down hole Measuring & Control
Fu Xin-Sheng、Zhou Jing
CNPC Quality Control & Inspection Center of Oil Equipment and Meter
Han Ze-Xi、
Wang Dong-Xu
CNPC Key Lab of High Energy Gas Compression Fracture
School of Oil Engineering
CNPC Oil Drilling Information Application Technology Center
Li Qi
CNPC High Energy Gas Compression Fracture Technology Center
Wu Jin-Jun
CNPC Well Logging Key Lab&mdash;Key Research Office of Dynamic Monitoring of Reservoir Optical Fiber
Jia Zhen-An